Country Specific Indices for Muslim Countries 2000-Present:

Indices overtime are useful for assessing the historical performance of a country. Thus for any country the structure of the index has to be maintained over time to afford consistent assessment of performance, but the index structure may differ slightly from country to country because of data availability.
We benchmark the overtime index to the year 2000 where possible, and if not because of data limitations, to the closet year to this starting date. From then on, we report the country’s index value every 5 years up to 2015 and thereafter on an annual basis. Country indicators over time will be indispensable in assessing where countries were and how well they have been progressing in establishing societies that reflect the core Islamic teachings of the Quran. From these results, we can determine which policies have been supportive of progress. We hope that on the basis of these results we can recommend policies and practices that enhance the progress of countries in establishing Islamically rule-compliant societies. We have been encouraged to see that one Muslim country, Malaysia, adopted its own Islamicity index in January of 2015 to monitor its performance.