Hasina Khanom

Education:  BS (University of Akron–Economics/Mathematics), Masters of Engineering (Rochester Institute of Technology–Applied Statistics), MBA (Rochester Institute of Technology–Statistics/Economics)

Current Position: Associate Director/Senior Research Analyst for Survey and Institutional Research, the University of Pennsylvania

Reason for joining the Islamicity Indices Project: “I am a self-defined outcome-oriented person, and have always found it necessary to not only engage in social critique but to develop creative solutions to the well-known problems facing our global village today. As such, I find the Index to be a platform out of which reformative policies can be developed which have the potential to directly improve the lived realities of people in Muslim societies. My experiences in institutional research and effectiveness aligns neatly with this project’s own aims to strengthen civil institutions, which are ultimately the backbone of a robust civil society.”

Favorite Islamic Thinker: Kazi Nasrul Islam