Country Partners

Country partners are critical for the success of our mission. These individuals and institutions will represent a global community who understand the message of Islam and who will work towards establishing effective institutions.  In time, we plan to have partners in all Muslim majority countries and partners even in some non-Muslim majority countries who want to support the process of institution building and reform. Our current partners are:

Afghanistan: Fara Abbas
Bangladesh: Hasina Khanom
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Edib Smolo
Côte d’Ivoire: Namariama (Miriam) Sako
Indonesia: Dr. Putri Swastika
Iran: Hossein Mohammadkhan
Malaysia: Dr. Liza Mydin and Daud Vicary Abdullah

Nigeria: Dr. Fatima Muhammad Abdulkarim
Oman: Fatin Said Al Zadjali
Pakistan: Dr. Irum Saba
Senegal: Dr. Adama Dieye
Singapore: Dr. Hazik Mohamed
Tunisia: Dr. Khaled Troudi
Turkey: Dr. Nihat Gumus

The Foundation will rely on the support of country partners to:
-Publicize the Islamicity Project (mission, the results, website, etc.) through all forms of media
-Provide updates and posts on social media
-Act as point of contact for the government, media and other stakeholders on the Project
-Address any questions and requests for information on behalf of the Project
-Facilitate communication between the Islamicity Foundation and the host country
-Advertise annual results for the country in question—areas of improvements and shortfall, policies to enhance institution building
-Supply information and policy initiatives on the country for the drafting of annual reports to the Islamicity Foundation
-Partner with local research institutes, NGOs and civil society organizations to hold talks/conferences
-Draft and disseminate an annual report on the country, discussing the country’s results, “the good, the bad and the ugly”
-Develop content and regular updates (responding to developments and governments policies throughout the year)
-Support in making all content available in local languages
-Contribute to the Foundation’s annual report
-Sponsor local conferences on Islamicity Indices, lobby, and collaborate on student and faculty exchange programs